Bitcoin ETFs Under Fire As Renowned Investor Slams Them As ‘Useless’

In a move that sent ripples through the Bitcoin community, renowned investor and Shark Tank personality Kevin O’Leary doused the flames of hype surrounding the recent approval of Spot Bitcoin ETFs, labeling them “practically useless” for institutional investors.
But amidst his skepticism, O’Leary offered a ray of sunshine for Bitcoin’s long-term prospects, predicting a significant price surge by 2030.
O’Leary: ETFs Fee Concerns, Predicts Shakeout
O’Leary’s main gripe with Spot ETFs? Fees. He argues that the charges levied by issuers, even with temporary waivers, render them an unattractive proposition for sophisticated investors who can simply hold Bitcoin directly.

Kevin O’Leary on Bitcoin ETF 
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